Dr Rachael Krinks, Customer Experience Strategist

Anna is the most inspiring woman I have met in many years. Anna was my coach and continues to be a super inspiring presence in my network of CX/Design/Tech Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches. Anna is a fast focused creative thinker who in our first coaching session was able to (at my request) compartmentalise two separate projects and focus for half an hour on each one, giving me a strategy for first steps + next steps, to get to my end goals. It was fast, fun brainstorming and focused strategising summarised in an easy to follow plan that I still refer to. Anna's smile is wide and genuine and as a novice entrepreneur, she didn't make me feel that I wasn't worth her time. Anna made me feel that I and my ideas and goals were smart brilliant and possible. And that’s a gift!

Bernadette Hyland, CEO

Jack Mason, Product Manager