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Our special powers are serving tech startup companies at a point of inflection in their product growth. This typically happens at around the 2-4 year mark, and then at major milestones like pre-funding/IPO. Injecting the right advice at these points in your product’s journey can have pretty outstanding payoffs



A part-time Head of Product solution is ideal for companies with smaller development teams, typically 4-20 staff. In these cases, an arrangement of a few days a quarter can have a huge impact in guiding roadmap and strategic direction, acting as a sounding board for ideas, catalysing strategic alliances and helping with team structure and hiring in preparation for growth.


r&D systems and support

There are many benefits to setting up ongoing R&D systems, even in companies that are in their first few years of growth. We help with setting up the right type of projects, assist in creating collaborations with research institutions and ensure that R&D efforts impact and integrate into the core strategy of the business.


DISCOVERY, VALIDATION and founder support

The three year mark often signals a point in a tech product’s development where the idea stream from customers, staff and investors is pretty fertile. Validating quarterly and 18 month roadmaps against an impartial, research-based and system-level perspective can save incurring the cost of software maintenance and developer churn that comes with trying to please too many masters.


team mentoring and skills development

Growing a product team from a developer-only unit, to a larger, multi-disciplinary and potentially distributed team is hard. It’s worth putting deliberate attention into the structure of the team, the order of hires, and the alignment of personality and capability, as all of this impacts the culture and performance of the product team as a whole. We help with all aspects of planning or product team growth.