Economies of Fail

The economies of scale fallacy comes up a lot in conversations about scaling product teams. In his book Work Rules, Laszlo Bock makes a strong point about the value of outstanding talent: his rough metrics state that a brilliant engineer is not worth 2x what a good engineer is worth, but more like 300x. Bock argues that a good person will never come up with a breakthrough idea. Only an outstanding person will. Seth Godin captured it crisply in his blog from today


Google is a search engine built on the premise that popularity equates to authority: in the early days, the Google search rankings looked how many times a page was linked to by others. More links to a page were assumed to represent a more authoritative source. Knowing these rules, the players gamed the system. Google tweaked and polished their algorithms in response.

I Love Your Advertisement... LOL

Although advertising spend has shifted to digital channels, the way in which advertisements are placed are still largely based on really coarse parameters of age, gender and location. While there is a lot of fanfare about data privacy and the likes of Facebook and Google owning all our ducks, the act of purchasing advertising is still based on very crude criteria.