who’s behind the cooler?

everything around us began as a dream…

Think about all the things that you buy: clothes, fitbits, phones, peace and tranquility, donuts, shoes. Each of these things was once a fuzzy idea. An inkling in someone's mind that was pursued and transferred from that person's head-space and onto a store's shelf-space. 

It's possible that you don't actually think about this as much as we do. It's possible that you don't see the world as an endless stream of products waiting to be created. It's possible that you don't see connections between the yet unformed thoughts and customers' hearts. It's possible that you don't... but we do.

Since graduating from uni back in pre-iPhone days, Anna followed her passion for creating products that people love around the globe. She worked on almost every continent, with remarkable brands and people. Now she brings the lessons learned to you, leading the team that will help you turn your big ideas into market viable products.

So, next Friday night, or Sunday at 3am, when your Big Idea quietly taps you on the shoulder again, asking "Do you want to make me real?", don't ignore it. Book a time in my calendar. Let's make tomorrow’s Cooler Moment.

Anna Harrison, often found near water coolers

Anna Harrison, often found near water coolers

Anna works at the interface between innovation, invention, product design and marketing. Invention is difficult, yet turning a good idea into a desirable app or product is a skill that Anna does better than anyone, and I know them all
— Kate Crawford, Director
Anna is a joy to work with, a genuinely nice person, and a top-notch shark in a sea of me-toos. Getting Anna on your side may be the best decision you’ve ever made
— David Wood, CTO Ephox
Creative, polished, astute. Anna is excellent at digital workflow and process improvements, whether it’s at an airport or desktop editing product. I saw the excellent impact of her work on Web editing products with a worldwide distribution. A highly knowledgeable and engaging presenter/trainer, Anna is the positive, collaborative professional that we all wish we worked with!
— Bernadette Hyland, CEO Three Round Stones